220 names and some questions about the silence around them
von Federico Geller | Quelle: Randnotizen. Ein virtuelles Tagebuch, www.steirischerherbst.at

220 names and some questions about the silence around them

From last week an intervention on the walls of several neighborhoods of Berlin recalls the names of more than 220 victims of neonazism and racism between 1990 and 2012.

The names are printed in strips in a very sober manner, that remind newspaper obituaries, with the dates the victims were killed. There are many Turkish names and also some African, Kurdish, Italian and Vietnamese. But there are also some German homeless people and a few antifascist activists, like Silvio Meier. A few strips have no names at all and others have a statement in Turkish, German or English that explains the limitations of the list:

"The names of all those who have lost their lives in Germany since 1990 due to extreme right wing and racist violence cannot be ascertained.

There are many hundreds who were murdered directly by neo-Nazi violence or killed due to State policies, or who committed suicide in deportation jails.

The number of people who lose their lives every day on the closed borders of Europe are unable to be grasped and are not represented here."

The context of this action made by a "Plakat Group" are the crimes of the NSU (Nationalsozialistischen Untergrunds) which came to light last year. But explaining which crimes are not included, an invitation to look for a broader context is clearly set.
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